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  • Chapter 7, Verse 204, The heights
    سورة الأعراف
    وَإِذَا قُرِئَ ٱلۡقُرۡءَانُ فَٱسۡتَمِعُواْ لَهُۥ وَأَنصِتُواْ لَعَلَّكُمۡ تُرۡحَمُونَ
    So, when the Quran is recited, listen to it, and be silent that you may receive mercy. [i.e. during the compulsory congregational prayers when the Imam (of a mosque) is leading the prayer (except Surat Al-Fatiha), and also when he is delivering the friday-prayer Khutbah]. [Tafsir At-Tabari, Vol. 9, Pages 162-4]
  • Chapter 37, Verse 165, Those who set the ranks
    سورة الصافات
    وَإِنَّا لَنَحۡنُ ٱلصَّآفُّونَ
    Verily, we (angels), we stand in rows for the prayers (as you Muslims stand in rows for your prayers);
  • Chapter 70, Verse 22, The Ascending stairways
    سورة المعارج
    إِلَّا ٱلۡمُصَلِّينَ
    Except those devoted to Salat (prayers)
  • Chapter 85, Verse 3, The Mansions of the stars
    سورة البروج
    وَشَاهِدٖ وَمَشۡهُودٖ
    And by the witnessing day (i.e. friday), and by the witnessed day [i.e. the day of 'Arafat (Hajj) the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah];
  • Chapter 87, Verse 15, The Most High
    سورة الأعلى
    وَذَكَرَ ٱسۡمَ رَبِّهِۦ فَصَلَّىٰ
    And remembers (glorifies) the Name of his Lord (worships none but Allah), and prays (five compulsory prayers and Nawafil additional prayers).
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